Storage 24 (2012)

Five acquaintances become trapped in a self storage facility when a military plane carrying sensitive cargo crashes into London. Whatever the plane was carrying is now loose and also trapped inside Storage 24, hunting our heroes – who will survive?

Storage 24 is a classic B-Movie which wears it’s influences proud. The horror elements are tense, the comedy light enough to break through the murk and the design of the creature is pretty decent. The whole package (written and produced by star Noel Clarke) harkens back to classic era John Carpenter and stands up as one of the best British Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen in recent years. Director Johannes Roberts fills the storage facility with a sickly yellow light (similar to recently reviewed Dredd) and delights in ramping up the tension by pushing the camera in close to the actors. It’s a tight little film, running at around an hour and a half and the action gets going fairly quickly with enough time to get to know the characters, figure out which ones we actually care about and cheering when the ones we don’t bite the bullet. If I could level any complaints, it would be that the creature is shown full screen far too early into the film, removing any sense of mystery about this beast. I’m all for the slow reveal and this just shows too much, too soon.

Other than that, if you like your sci-fi satisfyingly cheesy, give Storage 24 a go. It’s damn good fun.

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