Blazing Saddles (1974)

It’s interesting watching Blazing Saddles in a time when Django Unchained is one of the hottest modern westerns out – both tread quite serious racial ground, satirising the slave trade and the bigoted attitudes of rich white people in the late 1800’s, have a similar smattering of racial slurs; but where Django handles the material with a (mostly) serious outlook, Saddles approaches it as a comedy.

However, Mel Brooks western satire about a corrupt businessman placing a black sheriff in a town he’s marked for a land grab scam has probably not aged well. It’s still funny with it’s racial satires and scatalogical humour still able to raise a few smiles, but it never seems to reach the lofty heights of laugh out loud comedy it has been made famous for. Perhaps it’s the aged pop culture references, perhaps humour has moved on to far, far cruder material. It is, however, a classic and should be appreciated as such

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