Lovely Molly (2011)

When a newlywed couple move into the wifes childhood home, the woman, Molly, begins to revisit forgotten demons from her past that start to push her sanity over the edge.

Director Eduardo Sanchez’s low budget horror is superb. Cleverly blending “found footage” style with a handheld camera for the “film” sections, Lovely Molly makes the viewer feel very voyeuristic and the story never fully defines itself as a supernatural tale or a more straightforward psychological horror. Sanchez, writer and director of the Blair Witch project, pulls many of that films tricks here, not revealing much in the way of concrete proof as to whether what is happening in the house is real or all in Molly’s mind, cutting away when we think we’re going to get a glimpse of something (except for one very chilling shot near the end of the film).

Credit needs to go to Gretchen Lodge’s performance as the title character. Her actions and words carry the story as she flits between scared and crazy, creating a sympathetic character who has obviously had a terrible childhood. That we see her happy at her wedding at the beginning of the film makes the following scenes all the harder to watch, especially as we start to learn more about her experiences.

The film is a slow burning one, ramping the intensity towards some genuinely brutal scenes at the end which are all the more shocking as they’re not particularly alluded to in the run up. It’s a complex film which isn’t going to appeal to popcorn cinema goers, but if you like a bit more thought with your horror, you really should check this out.

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